Gold Scrap Payable gram dwt
10 Karat / 417 $0.00 $0.00
14 Karat / 585 $0.00 $0.00
18 Karat / 750 $0.00 $0.00
22 Karat / 917 $0.00 $0.00
24 Karat / 999 $0.00 $0.00
Silver Scrap Payable gram lb
Silver 500 $0.00 $0
Silver 800 $0.00 $0
Sterling 925 $0.00 $0
Pure 999 $0.00 $0
Platinum Payable gram dwt
900 $0.00 $0.00
Pure 999 $0.00 $0.00
Palladium Payable gram dwt
Pure 999 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

How to Sell Gold, Silver, Platinum to Golden Money Online

  1. For Scrap and Jewellery simply fill out GoldenMoney Free Quote form
  2. For Sterling Silver flatware please click here
  3. For Gold, Silver or Platinum Bullion please refer to our Selling Bullion Help page

a) You may choose local pickup if you are in GTA (Toronto) or suburbs and your jewellery value is over $350. We will call you to arrange time.

b) You may choose local pickup if you are within 50km radius from Toronto and your jewellery value is over $1,000

2. Upon receiving the GoldenMoney Mailing pack,
print out the itemized form you received via e-mail, indicate preferred method of payment and place it with your items into the envelope, seal and drop it off at any Fedex location. Your price is locked for 10 days from the day your had received your Mailing Pack.
3. Once we received the pack, we test your precious metals and contact you if there are any discrepancies between your order and actual test.
4. If the order matches the test results:

a) We will mail you the check the same or next day.

b) You may decide to accept money via Wire Transfer, $35 Wire Transfer Fee will apply.

c) You may decide to deposit money to your GoldenMoney account at current spot price and withdraw it at a later day in pure gold bullion or cash. Please indicate this in your itemized form.

5. If you decide not to sell, we will mail you your items back

You can refer to our FAQ section if you have any questions.

Sample form:

Products Estimated weight Karat
Chain 30g 14
Ring 5g 18
Earings 20g 10


Sterling Silver Flatware Instructions:

Sometimes it is tricky to recognize silver from silverplate. Manufacturers usually stamp their product with identification marks.

  1. If it’s says "Silver" “Sterling” or 800 or 925 most likely it is Silver.
  2. If your find following letters or stamps on the back, it is not silver:

Heavy Plate
Sheffield or Sheffield Plate

It is silverplate and has no metal value.
  • If it does not say “Sterling” "Silver", most likely it’s not a silver. However, it takes a professional to recognize silver from a plate with acid test.
  • You can e-mail us pictures of actual stamps on the back and we will help you out. When taking pictures please use camera “close up” mode and ensure stamps are in focus and legible. To e-mail us pictures, please submit contact us form. Upon our reply you can include your pictures.

    We pay market price reflected in submission form and on the main page for 925 sterling silver, let say current price is $1 per gram. For example if you have about 5lb which translates into 5 x 543gr = 2 267gr and multiply this by 1 you get approximately $2,267. Please note, knifes are counted as ?? of the weight as per stainless steel content depending on knifes size. When shipping knives, please be advised there will be $5.00 removal and $2 disposal fee per knife deducted from your total payout. It does take time to remove handle, and to dispose of hardened chemicals holding handle to the blade.

    1 lb = 453gram
    1 oz = 28gram
    1 troy oz = 31gram

    The way it works:

    1. Weight your silver. You can use regular kitchen scale or even bathroom scale to obtain approximate weight. When your set arrives at our location, we will use our professional scale and will call you with actual weight. It you have sterling silver you have to choose Silver 925 when placing sell order.
    2. Submit online form using our free online quote system , and enter approximate or exact total weight, either per item or whole. If you using whole weight, use "1" as quantity. The submitted form allows us to keep track of your order based on registration number. You will be locking your pay out rate guaranteeing the price you are getting.
    3. You will receive e-mail confirmation with you order and ship to address, which you will need to print and include with your package
    4. We are no longer offering free shipping materials/mail packs for silver. However we will reimburse you for your incurred shipping charges.
    5. Pack your items and send it to us via USPS or Canada Post regular service delivery:
      • If you are in the country other then Canada, you should indicate on customs form: tariff 71.12 (test metal) in the discription field.
      • Obtain tracking number and use signature required service.
      • Pay for the shipping. The cost of shipping will be reimbursed to you and will be included in your payout check or wire transfer
    6. When we receive the shipment:
      • We weight the content
      • Identify weight of pure metal
      • We mail you the check for the silver content, plus your shipping costs in the currency of your residence USD or CAD.