Gold Scrap Payable gram dwt
10 Karat / 417 $0.00 $0.00
14 Karat / 585 $0.00 $0.00
18 Karat / 750 $0.00 $0.00
22 Karat / 917 $0.00 $0.00
24 Karat / 999 $0.00 $0.00
Silver Scrap Payable gram lb
Silver 500 $0.00 $0
Silver 800 $0.00 $0
Sterling 925 $0.00 $0
Pure 999 $0.00 $0
Platinum Payable gram dwt
900 $0.00 $0.00
Pure 999 $0.00 $0.00
Palladium Payable gram dwt
Pure 999 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

We buy Computer E-Scrap: RAM CPU Finger Cards IC Chips PCB


GoldenMoney is offering Gold and Silver refining services to public and dealers on certain e-scrap

    Simply mail or bring us (please call for appointment) your computer electronics scrap lot for purchase or refining:
We purchase your scrap computer components in person or by mail. If mailing, use Canada Post, we can cover shipping costs in certain instances. Please contact us to check if you qualify.
Please check prices below per pound of material in Canadian Dollars.


8086 286 386 486 Ceramic CPU Scrap Recycling Intel Ceramic CPUs 8086 286 386 and 486 $95
Pentium 90 Pentium Pro 512 AMD K5 CPU Gold Top: AMD K5 and Pentium 60,66,75,90, PPro 512, LSI, Motorola, Inmos $60
6x86 Gold Top CPU Cyrix Via IBM STI Gold Top: 6x86 IBM, Cyrix, PPro 256 $35
NEC DEC Toshiba CPU Toshiba NEC DEC 50
Pentium 100 CPU Ceramic Pentium 100, VIA $19
AMD K6 CPU AMD K6 with Heatsink $13
AMD Athlon Ceramic CPU Athlon and K6 without heatsink $16
Green Brown Black Fiber CPU Fiber AMD/P3 and Pentium MMX Black Fiber (no P4) $8
Gold Plated RAM Scrap RAM Gold Plated $15
RAMBUS Silver Plated RAM Scrap RAM Tin/Rambus $4.5
Slot A CPU Slot A CPUs without Heatsink and Plastic $7.50
RAM with cutoff finger RAM Fingerless or fingers cut off/trimmed $1
Hard Drive Board Hard Drive boards $7.50
P4 Celeron CPU P4 and other metal top CPUs ceramic or fiber $3.50
Finger Card Scrap Recycling Finger Cards $3.25
Nortel Meridian PBX Telecom Board Scrap Recycling Telecom Boards $3.25
DDR SDRAM Depopulated Chips IC Chips from RAM $25
IC North Bridge Chips IC Chips from boards (without metal heatsinks) $25
IC Chips Video Card Chips IC Chips from boards with metal heatsink $12
ICs Black Computer Chips Scrap Recycling Other IC chips $2
Gold Cut Fingers Clean Cut Gold Fingers (no more than 1/16" or 1.3mm empty space above plating area) $45
Gold Plated Pins

Grade 4 (any computer pins)

Grade 3 (Network connectors not RJ type)

Grade 2 (Military)

Grade 1 (Military / Space)






If bringing in person, please call us to arrange for an appointment at our Scarborough location. If your quantity is over 1000lb please call for special pricing
We offer flat rate shipping to our refinery - $50 per skid from most locations. Please contact us for details.
Please contact us to request shipping label or ship directly to the address indicated at the bottom of this page. Your phone number becomes your account number.

Shipping instructions for upto 30kg boxes:

Please ship your metal to the following address in Canada:

7116799 Canada Inc.
102 Hymus Rd.
Toronto ON M1L2C9

If you have any questions please call us: 855-237-2388

You may choose to bring us your metal in person to our Scarborough location, please call for appointment.